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Warriors Heart – Non-Traditional Treatment Center for Veterans and Service Members

Posted on November 11, 2016

PBC is proud to be able to assist veterans and active military families in finding their dream home or ranch. Last year, PBC real estate agents, Judith and Dwaine Rivers of The Rivers Team, had the privilege of working with clients who were not searching for a home, but for the perfect location to open a treatment center for our nation’s warriors and first responders.

In the spring of 2015, Josh and Lisa Lannon, along with fellow co-founder, Tom Spooner, began their Texas-wide search for a ranch location that would eventually house Warriors Heart - the first private, fully licensed treatment center for first responders, veterans, military and law enforcement officers.

PBC Land and Ranch real estate agent, Dwaine Rivers, said “The property needed to be a ranch with a lot of amenities and a focus on privacy - yet convenient to San Antonio for access to the airport and trained professionals to work at the ranch. They did not want the location to feel like a treatment center but a place where the clients could feel safe and comfortable.”

They searched and previewed numerous properties but the group was struggling to find a space that had the facilities they needed. After several months it became clear that there may not be such a listing on the market, so the Rivers Team started looking into other options. After extensive research, they found Purple Sage Ranch which was operating as a convention center in Bandera, Texas. It was not on the market at the time, but the group knew it was an ideal place for their facility.

Both Judith and Dwaine understood how important the right location would be for the healing process of the veterans and service members so they went above and beyond to assist their clients. They located the owner of Purple Sage Ranch in New Mexico and Dwaine flew out to meet with him. After speaking to him about the mission of Warriors Heart and the value of the work that would be done, Dwaine convinced the owner to sell the ranch – complete with cabins, pool, common rooms and meeting facilities.

In April 2016, Warriors Heart officially opened on the 543-acre ranch where soldiers feel welcomed, understood and can heal together in an environment that does not look or feel like a hospital. They pride themselves on the impressive, home-like suites, meals prepared by private chefs, recreational activities such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, fishing, running or walking along the nature trails and even massage/body work.

Of course, the healing program is the most integral part of the process at Warriors Heart. With a mission to provide “strength through healing,” the team provides treatment for those seeking relief from substance abuse, chemical dependencies, various psychological conditions due to job-related stressors, post-traumatic stress disorder and mild traumatic brain injury.

The underlying mission of the work that is done at Warriors Heart is to bring more soldiers home to their families – physically, emotionally and mentally. In keeping with this mission, Warriors Heart has partnered with Mission 22 to bring awareness to the 20 plus soldiers who take their own lives every day in the US.

During the recent grand opening of Warriors Heart in October 2016, Judith and Dwaine were present when the Warriors Heart team unveiled a magnificent memorial dedicated to men and women who lost the battle at home. Twenty large, steel displays with the silhouettes of soldiers who took their own lives cut into the middles, stand proudly on the grounds as a constant reminder of the loss and the fight that continues for those seeking treatment and their families. Judith notes how amazing it was to witness firsthand the full circle at Purple Sage Ranch.

PBC and The Rivers Team could not be more proud to play a small role in such an extraordinary venture, and we would like to express our gratitude to the Warriors Heart team for allowing us to share in the experience. 

To learn more about Warriors Heart, please visit www.warriorsheart.com.
For more information about Mission 22, please visit http://www.mission22.com/.

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